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About CIBP™ Exam

Qualifying for the CIBP™ examination is key to becoming a CIBP™ Charterholder. Attaining the CIBP™ charter demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skillset necessary to grow in the Investment Banking profession.

IBCA recommends reading the exam guide (available on your myIBCA dashboard) and the examination policies thoroughly to ensure you have a successful exam experience and journey.

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About CIBP™ Exam

About CIBP™ Exam

Development of CIBP™ Exam

CIBP™ examination is developed for the industry, by the industry. The content is drawn from a combination of industry-wide survey feedback and contributions from our team of volunteer subject matter experts. The result is a rigorous exam development process representing numerous hours spent exceeding the knowledge standards the industry expects.

The exam development team works with subject matter experts in focus groups, item writing sessions, and item review sessions who then provide the final review and approval of the CIBP™ main examination. IBCA regularly monitors the performance of all exams to ensure the validity of exam results and uses statistical analytical algorithms to calculate the examinee’s test score. The examinee must score 65% or higher to pass the CIBP™ exam, though awards are decided using an algorithm that accounts for scaling, relative scoring, and degree of difficulty parameters.

  • CIBP™ Exam Format

    IBCA gives a period of 365 days from the date of completing registration and payment for you to successfully pass your CIBP™ examination. CIBP™ exam is a 90-minute, multi-choice single-answer exam with 50 questions.

  • Exam Coverage

    The questions appearing in the exam aim to check and validate examinee's awareness and knowledge about all important concepts, processes, techniques, and methodologies used in analyzing and decision-making in typical roles and jobs in Investment Banking. Click here for details.

  • Exam Scoring

    CIBP™ exam is a pass or fail exam with a minimum threshold of 65% correct answers to qualify; though awards will be decided using an algorithm that accounts for scaling, relative scoring, and degree of difficulty parameters.

  • Exam Mode

    CIBP™ exam is conducted online and is monitored in real-time by a proctor. You can take the exam anywhere, in a private and secure environment that is free from distractions. You'll need your computer ExamStrong™ compliant before taking the exam.

Getting Acquainted With The CIBP™ Exam Policies

It is important to get familiar with the examination policies and the code of conduct that is expected from the examinees on exam day. The exam policies are in place to ensure a fair examination process and experience for all CIBP™ examinees. Examinees must agree to all the policies and procedures before they appear for the CIBP™ exam.

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System Requirements for the Digitally Proctored Exam

The CIBP™ exam is delivered on rigorous test delivery standards that allow candidates to take the exam from a secure and private environment of their choice and at their convenience. The security process and candidate check-in procedures and processes are equivalent to a test center. Through remote proctoring, the examination is monitored throughout the duration of the exam.

  • Browser & Internet Connection

    You must access the exam link from your myIBCA dashboard on the latest version of Google Chrome.

    (Recommended display: 1024 x 768)

    It is recommended to use a hard-wired/ Ethernet connection to your router to ensure a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the exam. A minimum of 1 Mbps speed is recommended for a smooth exam experience.

    It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the exam runs smoothly and that the internet speed is conducive to completing the examination. In the event the exam interrupts and cannot be completed due to bandwidth issues at the candidate’s end, the candidates can join back the exam by refreshing the window within a certain time limit. If unable to join back the exam session in time, the exam will automatically get submitted at the last saved response.

  • Webcam

    Your computer/ laptop must have a working webcam to be able to take a clear photo of your photo ID at the time of check-in.

    Only a webcam and a mouse are allowed as external accessories connected to your computer/ laptop. Ensure any other Bluetooth accessory is disconnected before you start your exam.

  • Firewall Restrictions

    If you are taking the CIBP™ exam on a work computer or from your workplace, please ensure there is no employer firewall restriction and you have all the Admin rights on your computer/ laptop.

    You will also need to ensure you are logged out of all applications and platforms. If there are any notifications or pop-ups during the exam, your exam will automatically get terminated.

What to Expect on Your Exam Day

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