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Hinged on the exhaustive 60-point IBCA-IBANX standards for excellence in investment banking practice, the two IBCA Credentials are the world's most authoritative yardsticks yet for sizing up the worth and readiness of professionals for the ruthlessly challenging Investment Banking industry.

  • Certified Investment Banking Professional
  • Senior Investment Banking Professional

Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA) helms the world’s most powerful initiative in decades to establish and propagate standards, norms, knowledge-frameworks, studyware, benchmarks and credentials for Investment Banks and professionals to embrace and adopt, which will take their performance to the next level. IBCA heralds a paradigm shift of how the Investment Banking industry should assess, value and trust competence and excellence of its analysts, advisors and managers, and build a robust pool of future-ready investment bankers.

Versatile and wide-bodied, the IBCA investment banking credentials are designed for professionals associated with - or willing to join - all possible domains of Investment Banking we have in practice today – advisory; underwriting; M&A or equity-, bond- or derivatives financing. The IBCA-IBANX Standards and credentials are a result of elaborate market and technical studies involving scores of investment bankers; valuation experts; investment firms; capital market advisors, private equity companies; leading Private investors, investment principals, as well as several leading investment and asset managers. By 2020, the IBCA credentials and standards are expected to impact more than a quarter million investment bankers and young aspiring professionals connected directly or indirectly with the Investment Banking industry worldwide.

Dr Liang Han

“ I've been taking a hard look at what we need more in our school’s finance education to make it more attractive for investment banks. I am convinced IBCA credentials and standards on investment banking sync exceedingly well with what we have in our curricula and programs in Finance, as they deliver the much-needed investment banking specialization edge to students majoring in finance. In terms of knowledge and benchmarks, IBCA promises to add the global practice bit to our theoretical rigor; and in terms of qualification, IBCA credentials serve as ideal top-ups to our degrees directed at reflecting the investment banking focus. ”

Dr Liang Han
Faculty of Accounting and Financial Management
Henley Business School


IBCA certified professionals reflect proven knowledge calibrated to 60 performance-critical aspects of contemporary Investment Banking.

The insightful and robust IBANX™ framework straddles across FOUR core investment banking tangents that professionals need to exhibit mastery in:

  • 1the industry and global ecosystem of investment banking
  • 2the firmographic understanding of investment banks
  • 3market-side dynamics
  • 4the business domains of investment banking

Resources & Publications

The frontiers of Investment Banking are rapidly expanding to amplify the capacities of finance, accounting, and investment professionals for making more direct impacts to all aspects of Investment Banking – technical; managerial, market, infrastructure; networking and control. In its continuous efforts to fill up a long-felt void on reliable, researched and insightful knowledge in the discipline, IBCA is making several high-quality reading and reference resources available in digital and printed formats for a wide variety of Investment Banking stakeholders. The list most notably includes the seminal The IBCA Handbook for Practitioners, the world’s first; the only standards-based, and the most authoritative text ever written on Investment Banking. Another important reference-resource is The IBCA Investment Banking Excellence (IBANX). If you desire to contribute to IBCA’s efforts on building up a world-class repository of knowledge on Investment Banking, do write to us.

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