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Chartered Investment Banking Professional (CIBP™)

A global qualification for investment bankers worldwide.

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The CIBP™ Edge

The Chartered Investment Banking Professional (CIBP™) qualification helps finance professionals align and upgrade their understanding, competence and qualification to what the best investment bankers have today. It is an ideal international qualification to have for graduating finance/MBA students, who want to demonstrate their readiness for the most complex roles in the ruthlessly challenging global Investment Banks.

Finance majors from business and finance schools around the world increasingly seek to complete CIBP™ program to multiply career possibilities for themselves in investment banking advisory; underwriting, M&A, sales, trading and financial analysis.

The CIBP™ qualification is developed on the IBANX™ framework. It has evolved out of comprehensive market and technical studies on knowledge and skills required to excel in various important roles in the investment banking industry. Scores of investment bankers, valuation experts, investment firms, capital market advisors, private equity companies, leading private investors, investment principals, as well as several leading investment and asset managers have contributed to the development of the CIBP™ program.

Drive into Investment Banking

CIBP™ prepares you for a wide range of jobs in investment banking. And stays with you as you grow in your career. Your journey in investment banking typically starts off at the Analyst level, though you can even begin earlier, as an intern, during your formal education. Typical career stops are at the Vice President level before you get to head an investment bank. What’s more important is to know that your career rise will hinge squarely on how deep a specialist you eventually become in the financial markets or instrument categories.

You can choose to specialize in Mergers & Acquisitions and deal in buying and selling companies for your clients. Or, you can develop expertise in Equity Markets and help your clients raise money from the IPO or follow-on markets. Investment banks also need debt market specialists who can work with a wide range of debt instruments like investment grades, government securities, high-yield bonds, etc. The CIBP™ curriculum aligns all these modes to the comprehensive IBANX™ framework.

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IBCA-Riding the Change

IBCA has established and propagated professionalstandards and knowledge frameworks for aspiring and growing investment bankers. Through IBANX™, IBCA is initiating a comprehensive and supervised objective of how the Investment Banking industry must assess, value, and trust the competence and excellence of its analysts, advisors, and managers, and build a robust pool of future-ready investment bankers.

Partner with IBCA

Partner with IBCA

Partnering with IBCA will promote excellence, smoothen, and mainstream the process of aspiring students acquiring the internationally recognized CIBP™ Charter besides their university and college degrees, enhancing their hiring attractiveness and employability.

Provide a brand new set of values, resources, and competencies by partnering with IBCA and get the most effective way to empower your students with the prestigious CIBP™ in the academic curricula of business schools. Reinforce your university & institutions/ organizations’ brand visibility by partnering with IBCA’s wide array of knowledge and credentialing standards.

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Leading-Edge Knowledge Framework

Marked to the stringent IBANX™ knowledge framework, the CIBP™ qualification reflects the professional’s proven knowledge of advanced tools and techniques deployed in financial analysis and decision-making in the most complex investment banking roles and scenarios.

The CIBP™ builds and tests proficiency across 60 profession-critical knowledge aspects of contemporary investment banking. CIBP™ constantly stays rigorous and relevant because of its alignment to the IBANX™ framework that straddles FOUR core investment banking tangents

  • the global ecosystem of investment banking
  • the firmographic understanding of investment banks
  • the market-side dynamics
  • the domains of investment banking
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IBCA Top 20 Investment Banks

IBCA Top 20 Investment Banks

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