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Common Questions

Common Questions

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the CIBP™ Charter?
How long is the process of earning the CIBP™ Charter?
How will I receive the study material?
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Career in Investment Banking

Investment Banking is one of the fascinating fields in the world of finance. It offers some of the most sought-after positions in the areas of business and finance and, is a growingly significant component of the global economy. Understanding the core principles of the industry is of utmost importance to building a future-ready investment banking career.

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Investment banking


Right from stories of the movers and shakers in the investment banking world, to insightful IBCA research, this section lights up your understanding on contemporary investment banking and the future it’s headed to.

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Exam Policies

It is important to get familiar with the examination policies and the code of conduct that is expected from the examinees. The exam policies are in place to ensure a fair examination process and experience for all CIBP™ examinees. Examinees must agree to all the policies and procedures before they appear for the CIBP™ exam.

We have also provided information on everything from what to carry to how to check in on exam day in order to
eliminate confusion and put you at ease. Check Here.

Application Process

There are five distinct stages of your journey toward becoming a CIBP™. Here is what these stages look like:


Check Eligibility Requirements

IBCA requires you to meet certain educational and work experience requirements before you can apply for the CIBP™. Refer to the Candidacy Tracks’ to check eligibility requirements. Keeping this information handy will be helpful when filling out the application form.


Fill Online Application

Having met the CIBP™ eligibility requirements, it's now time to apply by creating your myIBCA account. After you submit the online application and pay the fee, a response email with the next steps in the process will be sent to you immediately.


Application Review

IBCA conducts internal checks to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the CIBP™ Charter.

You may be selected for an audit at any time during your preparation or even after you have obtained your Charter. If you are selected, you will be required to submit the required documents officially. The notification of an electronic audit will give you more information about compliance with audit terms. It is of utmost importance that candidates complete their application processes with correct and updated information. You can read more about the audit policy here


Prepare for the CIBP™ Exam

You will receive your learning resources at your registered address within three to four weeks after successful confirmation of your payment. Access to the online learning material will be available within 24-48 business hours of completing the registration process.


Receive your CIBP™

You are awarded the CIBP™ Charter and a digital badge after you pass the exam and successfully meet other requirements. A physical credential pack will be sent to you within three to four weeks of the credential being awarded.