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Exam Security

Ensuring exam security

The security policies governing the CIBP™ exam are designed to ensure the utmost integrity of the examination process. These policies eliminate any possibility of tampering, thereby safeguarding the quality of the examination and the overall examination process. All candidates must acknowledge and adhere to IBCA's security policies and procedures, allowing each candidate an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge without being disadvantaged in any way.

The CIBP™ exam is administered through the technologically advanced platform, ExamStrong™. The platform employs a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features to ensure that the exam delivery is precise, tamper-proof, and user-friendly. The IBCA test engines on the ExamStrong™ platform are designed to deliver optimal performance with zero latency and minimal downtime. This guarantees that the examinees are provided with a seamless and efficient exam-taking experience.

The security policies and procedures that candidates must observe are as follows:

  • Uphold professional conduct at all times and refrain from engaging in any behavior that could be perceived as suspicious.
  • Do not reproduce or capture photographs of CIBP™ exam questions or exam materials.
  • Avoid publishing CIBP™ exam content on any public Internet site or disseminating printed copies in any private or public forum.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to read IBCA’s exam policies and procedures carefully to avoid any kind of unintentional breach of security.

Consequences of Violating Exam Security Policies

If the proctor concludes that an examinee has deliberately sought an unfair advantage or compromised the integrity of the exam, the proctor will prohibit the examinee from taking or continuing with the exam. The proctor's decision is final and binding.

Submit a Formal Complaint

If you suspect that a candidate or a CIBP™ charter holder has violated the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, you can file a formal complaint to report the alleged misconduct.

Ethics Violation Complaint Form