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Exam Security

IBCA takes the security of the exams seriously. One of our primary goals is to ensure the highest integrity of exam content and fairness for all candidates during the delivery of CIBP™ exam.

IBCA provides the Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Form for the purposes of reporting any of the following activities:

  • Cheating and/or suspicious behaviour observed at a test site during the delivery of a CIBP™ exam..
  • Candidates taking photos or making copies of CIBP™ exam questions or exam materials.
  • Individuals posting CIBP™ exam content on any public Internet site or distributing printed copies at conferences or other public forums.
  • Misconduct by an authorized proctor or test administrator such as assisting candidates by providing answers or allowing candidates to engage in prohibited activities.

If any of the above is violated, it is advised to submit a formal complaint to the IBCA. Prior to submitting the claim, please download and fill the Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Form and submit it at

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