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Audit Policy

IBCA indiscriminately reviews and audits applicants to verify the accuracy of the information submitted and to confirm the credibility of the candidature. Candidates who refuse to participate in the review, do not respond to the request within the deadline specified in the audit email, or do not have the required documentation to support their application will not be permitted to take the exam or their earned credential may be revoked.

Audit selection process

All candidates are subject to audit, however, IBCA randomly audits a percentage of applicants annually to ensure the integrity of the process and to maintain credential standards.

Timeline for auditing

Candidates will receive a notification email from the Audit Committee once the submitted documents have been reviewed.

Documents required to complete the audit

Candidates must reply to the audit email by submitting supporting documentation and a completed Candidacy Review Form. All supporting documentation should be submitted within 14 days. Supporting documents may include:

  • Education and Work Experience documents, as requested (official transcripts, work experience letters, detailed job descriptions etc.)
  • Candidature Review Form signed and completed

The documents submitted for audit should be supplementary to the application submitted during the registration process.

Note: Candidates seeking to request reconsidering their eligibility can download and fill out the Candidacy Reconsideration Request Form available here