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Exam Conduct

It is of utmost importance that you as the examinee comply with all the policies and procedures set forth by IBCA to ensure a fair examination process for all. Any misconduct during the examination or the adoption of unfair means is prohibited. The proctor will have all the rights to end the examination if they are causing any disturbance during the exam session, are partially or not visible on the exam screen, or in any instance where the proctor deems non-compliance with the exam procedures and policies. The proctor’s decision will be deemed final to resolve any concerns or disputes raised concerning the dismissal of an exam due to conduct. Examinees cannot appeal the final decision regarding any exam policy violation.

Personal Belongings

No personal belongings are allowed in the exam room including mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, digital wristwatches, electronic dictionaries, or any other device except the laptop/ computer you will be appearing for the exam.

Breaks during the exam

Breaks or leaving the exam room are not allowed once you have started the exam. You are also not allowed to relocate during the exam.

Browser Tabs and Applications

Make sure your browser tabs and applications are closed/ signed out during the exam, especially if you are using a work laptop/ computer. Any notification pop-ups of email and chat will lead to the immediate termination of the exam session.

Exam Integrity

Examinees should not try to copy the exam questions or take a screenshot or record during the examination through any means. After the exam has been administered, the examinees are prohibited to publish or share the examination content in any format. The examination and all connected materials are the Intellectual property of the Investment Banking Council of America. Any action, or activity by the examinee including any misconduct, intentional or otherwise, during or after the administration of the exam, will be deemed as a violation of IBCA’s exam policies and procedures. Any such activity may invite stringent penal action.