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Exam Day

We want you to be at ease and ready to undergo the exam. By preparing ahead now, you'll be better positioned for a successful, positive exam experience. To help you do that, we've provided details on everything from what to bring to how to check in on exam day.

On exam day, You'll be asked to:

  • Present a valid, unexpired government-issued, photo ID which you have used at the time of scheduling your exam.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Leave your personal belongings away from the exam area while you are taking the test, you cannot have access to these items during the exam.

Exam Requirements

Prohibited Items

  • Any kind of reading materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, or any paper, notepads, stickies, or posters.
  • Stationery materials like pens, pencils, pencil boxes, clipboards, pouches of any material, sketch pens, markers, scale, rubber, etc.
  • Electronic gadgets such as Mobile phones, Watches (including analog watches), Bluetooth Devices, Remote Vehicle Keys, Button Camera, Hand-held Scanner, Head/Earphones, Storage Devices, Remote Devices, Calculator (unless specified), Health Bands, SIM Cards, Radio Devices, etc.

Testing Workstation

Ensure the following:

  • Your work surface and the floor beneath it are clear.
  • There is limited noise outside the exam room. This will help you concentrate as you give the exam and also assist the proctor in monitoring the exam.
  • Your computer/ laptop remains plugged in until you complete the exam.
  • Landlines, non-required electronics, and any security or recording devices in the room are turned off.
  • Nobody should enter the room during the exam.

Timing, and Breaks

  • The time duration of the exam is 90 minutes.
  • You should be seated at your testing workstation at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam. This will also help you ensure your system is working efficiently.
  • No breaks are allowed during the exam and you are not allowed to leave your exam screen at any point during the exam. If at any point you switch from the exam window, your exam session will automatically get terminated.

Exam Preparation Checklist

As you prepare for exam day, be sure to review our Exam Preparation Checklist-

  • Register for your exam at least 1 month before your validity period expires.
  • Schedule your exam and ensure the time zone you select is correct.
  • Review exam policies and processes.
  • Run a system check and attempt the mock exam to familiarize yourself with the exam platform.
  • Attend and complete your exam.