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Globalization has turned investment banking more complex besides expanding its scale. While big-league global investment banks have branched out into APAC, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and even parts of Africa, numerous local investment banks have also mushroomed in these regions. Indeed, the demand for investment banking professionals globally has increased to such an extent that top business schools cannot meet it alone. New domains and new roles have been added, further forcing investment banks to look for talent outside conventional channels, and some even plan for grooming their own talent.

Partnering with IBCA is a great way to grow the investment banking talent pool. IBCA partnership help finance universities to conveniently access global-standard training curricula as well as the most advanced investment banking qualification – CIBP™.

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Universities and Business Schools

Universities & Business Schools

Investment banks, particularly local, mid-market ones - are becoming more open about hiring young majors in finance with specialist training and certification in investment banking. Partnering IBCA helps business schools and universities not only create an inhouse platform to train and certify their students in investment banking conveniently and cost-effectively. Academic affiliation with IBCA also lends institutions a branding advantage, making them more attractive for recruiters. IBCA lends support in embedding CIBP™ in the regular academic curricula and provides learning material to all students registered for the program. Helping business & finance schools build-up knowledge and skills on Investment Banking forms the core of the IBCA mandate.
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