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A strong IBCA global campaign is underway in which IBCA representatives, associates and patrons around the world are reaching out to educational institutions to help them partner IBCA and adopt state-of-the-art mechanisms and models for educating and training students in Investment Banking. Helping finance schools, business schools and business management programs in universities build-up knowledge and skills on Investment Banking forms the core of the IBCA mandate.

Now train your students on global Investment Banking standards and get them certified by IBCA right within your campus! Transform your students into highly employable Investment Banking professionals!

You can make that possible by becoming a prestigious IBCA partner. If your university or business school is interested in partnering IBCA, just sound us about it now. Remember, an IBCA partnership ensures b-schools and universities on our network access the very special IBCA credentialing programs and mechanisms to help students get certified conveniently, affordably and right within the campus, even in the stride of their regular undergraduate and graduate programs. Add to this the fact that partner institutions get to develop their own state–of–the–art knowledge infrastructure under assistance from IBCA for enhancing employability of their students through Investment Banking knowledge and certifications aligned to the international Investment Banking standards.

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