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Exam Appeals

Special considerations and Appeals

If the candidate cannot take the exam at the scheduled date and time, they should report the matter. The following extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration if a request to retake the examination is made.

Circumstances where special considerations are granted

  • If the examinee is experiencing a major accident or a sudden medical condition requiring quick attention, or any members of their immediate family do as well.
  • In case there is bereavement in the family
  • If the examinee is obliged to report for an urgent national duty, serve on juries, or are called to court.
  • If the examinee is facing immobility issues due to economic restrictions or disruptions.

How will IBCA consider examinee appeals?

Evidence provided by the examinee forms the basis for a decision to be taken. It is the responsibility of the examinee to provide all the necessary information to IBCA in order to support their special consideration request and retake the exam. The examinee can directly contact IBCA to report the matter. Insufficient details or supporting evidence (such as hospital proof and doctor’s certificate) may affect the application's outcome.

The following are some unacceptable grounds for special consideration.

  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of exam administration policies or procedures by the examinee. The examinee must read and comprehend the policies and processes before their examination
  • Failure to follow instructions on examination administration provided by the proctor of the examination
  • Mistakes or omissions that have to do with comprehending exam materials or how to respond to questions, except those brought on by events outside the examinee's control
  • Any system-related problem that doesn't affect the administration of the examination and is resolved within 30 minutes by the proctor

Please note: Special consideration requests cannot be accepted less than 24 hours before the exam.

Reconsideration form

In case the examinee believes that a failing score was received because of a scoring error, they can download, fill up the Request for Reconsideration (Appeal) Form and attach it here along with the required documents to request a reconsideration of the exam result.

Candidacy reconsideration form

Examinees who wish to dispute IBCA's action or decision regarding their candidacy may download and fill out the Candidacy Reconsideration Request Form and attach it here along with the required documents to initiate the process.