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CIBP™ Exam

Policies for Examinees

Exam Reappear Policy

In the event that examinees fail their first (1st) attempt to pass their CIBP™ exam, they shall be required to pay a nominal fee of USD 50 from myIBCA account to...

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Examinee Conduct Policy

IBCA has a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for misconduct or adoption of unfair means. During examination, the test manager (proctor) has all rights to dismiss an Examinee...

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Exam Reapply Policy

If an examinee voluntarily cancels the scheduled examination appointment; he/she can immediately reapply from the myIBCA account dashboard by paying a nominal fee of...

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Examinee Appeals Policy

Examinees seeking to dispute any IBCA action or decision against their candidacy, may download and fill up the Exam Candidacy...

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Examinee ID Policy

CIBP™ Exam is completely digitally proctored. You can take the exam anywhere, even at home or in your office. You'll need your computer and ExamStrong™ verified environment prior to taking the exam.

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Audit Policy

The submission of an application indicates your agreement to comply with the terms of the audit process. All applications are subject to an audit, although only a percentage of applications are selected for audit. The selection of an application for audit is random. You may be required to submit documents of the required professional work experience and/or educational degrees officially. The electronic audit notification provides detailed information on how to comply with the terms of the audit.

Please download and fill the Candidature Review Form and submit it at

Exam Development

IBCA exams are built by the industry, for the industry. We draw the content for the exams from a combination of industry-wide survey feedback and contributions from our team of volunteer subject matter experts. The result is a rigorous exam development process representing thousands of hours spent exceeding the knowledge standards the industry expects.

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Exam Development

Exam Security

IBCA takes the security of exams seriously. One of our primary goals is to ensure the highest integrity of exam content and fairness for all candidates during the delivery of CIBP™ exam.

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