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Showcase Your Accomplishment With Your CIBP™ Digital Badge.

Highlight your commitment to excellence in Investment Banking by featuring your CIBP™ designation and boosting your presence online.

Upon successful completion of the CIBP™ exam, IBCA awards you a digital badge as a tangible testament to your accomplishment. The digital badge serves as a valuable tool to showcase your achievement on various social platforms and is provided through our esteemed partner CredBadge.

Elevate Your Profile by sharing your Digital Badge

Your badge serves as a digital portrayal of your expertise and qualification, allowing you to easily showcase it to peers, colleagues, or potential employers. Your CIBP™ designation can be readily confirmed with your digital badge, ensuring employers can promptly check your active and current designation status. The online presentation of your hard-earned credential will convey its current validity to anyone seeking verification. Your digital badge distinguishes you as a certified industry expert, bolstering your credibility with verified proof.

Use CIBP™ digital badge to
Instructions to claim and share your digital badge

Instructions to claim and share your digital badge

After successfully passing the CIBP™ exam, you will receive an email with your digital badge link. You can also access the link to your digital badge anytime by logging in to your myIBCA dashboard.

Follow these steps to access your digital badge link.

  • Log in to your myIBCA dashboard.
  • Under your qualification, click "View Result" and then "Share your Credential."
  • You will be redirected to log in to your CredBadge account [using your myIBCA account's registered email, password, and IBCA Registrant ID]
  • On the lower left, click the respective social media icons (LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), website, or Email).


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