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Flaunt your achievements. You deserve recognition!

Flaunt your achievements. You deserve recognition!

A digital badge allows you to accentuate and validate your apprehension as a certified expert and gives you verified credibility. You can now share your CIBP™ Charter proof anywhere and anytime with ease. By doing so, you are potentially exposing yourself to myriads of possible connections looking for your expertise.

Use CIBP™ digital badge to

  • Share your digital badges online to enhance your professional brand: social media, email signature, online portfolio, resume, website, and more.
  • Provide employers with quick access to your certification and accomplishments.
  • Find new job opportunities and compare salaries based on your certification.
  • Get personalized certification recommendations based on your CIBP™ credential.

Instructions to claim and share
your digital badge

Once you pass the CIBP™ exam and meet other criteria, you will be provided with a link to your digital badge via email. Access to the link is always available on your myIBCA dashboard. Follow these steps to find your digital badge link.

  • Log in to your myIBCA dashboard
  • Under your qualification, click "View Result" and then "Share your Credential"
  • Our digital badging partner, CredBadge, will reroute you
  • Log in to your CredBadge account [using your myIBCA account's registered e-mail, password, and registrant ID]
  • On the lower left, click the respective social media icon (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, website, or E-mail).
Instructions to claim and share your digital badge

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