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IBCA Certification Examinations

IBCA Exams are delivered on the world's most rigorous test-delivery standards laid down under the Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) norms that also conform to leading edge Portable Custom Interaction Best Practices. IBCA's certification exam standards and best practices far exceed the most stringent of international testing, accreditation and credentialing norms – including those of the CLEAR, ICE, the NCCA and the ANSI 17024:2012. State-of-the-art test engines drive IBCA certification exams from ExamStrong's state-of-the-art test-delivery ecosystem - which is the world's largest of its kind specializing in certification-exam deliveries for prestigious international standards bodies and government credentialing agencies.

Managed by experts with experience of delivering thousands of highest–stakes exams globally every year for business and non-business clients since 1995, IBCA certification exams can be taken across 183 countries today. Special testing arrangements can also be made for your employees or students, if we are requested for the facility reasonably in advance. You can conveniently plan your CIBP™/ SIBP™ certification exam online using the credentials shared by IBCA, once the exam window opens for you after the mandatory preparation period - usually 90-days - after date of fee-payment. In fact, you also get an additional 180-days to plan for and take your IBCA exam. All exam logistics and experiences are handled by ExamStrong™ experts’ teams under the aegis of global credentialing services leader CredForce.

Certification exam fee for all IBCA certification exams is taken right at the time of program-registration. There is no separate charge for exams to be paid anywhere later for any IBCA certification, unless it is a resit or a re-exam. You can register for your chosen IBCA professional credential program online by clicking here. Your registration for a program will stay incomplete till the full fee is paid. The fee can be paid online through credit/debit cards or through electronic bank transfer. The fee invoice and the fee tab on the program portal both carry detailed information about the amount, modes of payment, and currencies. Payment for company- or university sponsored applicants can be done via electronic checks or wire transfers, and further information may be sought by writing to

IBCA Examination Network

For IBCA Business School & University partners, special exam/ test centers can be established within their premises in which only students or employees of IBCA Partner University or institution are authorized to take exams for their chosen IBCA certification programs. For more information on how an exclusive test center for IBCA exams can be established in your premises, please write to us at





How to Register & Pay Fee Register on IBCA website at
Duration of a typical Examination 100 Minutes 100 Minutes
Location/ venue of Certification Examinations IBCA exam deliveries are geographically differentiated, enabling you take your certification exams in multiple ways. Please check IBCA emails for the exact advice on what would suit you best. You can take exams in a public or exclusive ExamStrong™ test-center in some regions. In most others, you can take the exam in the personal mode - at home or in office after you have take due IBCA approvals of the exam-computer and the exam room (for individual candidates) you are going to use. You will receive an email from IBCA after completing your payment.
Mode of Examination Online
Total number of questions in a typical certification examination 75 75
Type of Questions Multi-choice-Single-answer Multi-choice-Single-answer
Standard Qualification benchmark for credential award 65% correct answers; though awards will actually be decided using an algorithm that accounts into scaling, relative scoring, and degree of difficulty parameters
Fee for the Examination (in US Dollars; Valid through 12th February 2019) 550 650

IBCA Certification Examination Policies

The certification examination system of the Investment Banking Council Of America (IBCA) is governed by an elaborate set of stringent norms and policies complying to the most rigorous standards of apex statutory and credentialing excellence bodies internationally.

To read these policies in detail, click here.
Candidate Agreement

Robust Convenience

IBCA certification exams can be taken across 183 countries, covering all important cities and business locations in them! Exam windows open exactly 90 days after confirmation of registration of applicants, and exam dates can be conveniently chosen online. In fact, you also get an additional 180-days to plan for and take your IBCA certification exam.

IBCA certification exams are flexi-modal – with provisions for center-based public delivery of exams in certain sensitive geographies, or the highly personal, private delivery of exams – under real-time remote monitoring and proctoring in other locations, where convenience of examinees is of extreme significance.

Wired and walled by robust technology and process management policies, IBCA test-engines on ExamStrong™ ensure correct, zero-lag, cheat-deterrent and examinee-friendly conduct of exams.

Ready for your IBCA Certification Exam?

  1. Click here if you do not have a myIBCA account on yet, and want to create one. You will be able to pre-register for a IBCA Certification only from your myIBCA account.
  2. Click here if you have not pre-registered yet for the IBCA Credential of interest to you, and you want to access your myIBCA account on to go complete your pre-registration.
  3. Check your mailbox for a IBCA support email informing you about the opening of exam scheduling window for your IBCA certification.
  4. Click here to request us for opening your exam window, if it is already 90 days after your payment, and you have not received the exam scheduling link.
  5. Click here if you already have the exam scheduling link, and you want to schedule for your IBCA certification exam.

Please note:

  • That the payment once made is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • That some spam filters may unintentionally block or forward electronic communications from IBCA to junk folders. The applicant is requested to add the following email addresses to the personal address book or to the safe senders list in the registered email account to avoid missing any important updates from IBCA.

All IBCA certification exams are computer-based and can be taken in specially dedicated test centers, or even at home or in your office in the private mode in some locations, after getting your computer machine and the exam environment ExamStrong™-verified prior to taking the exam. If you are sponsored by your company or by your university, you will take your exam in a test-center specially and exclusively authorized for your organization. Examinees generally marking 65% of their answers correct qualify for the IBCA Credential award. However, since a complex multi-variable algorithm is used to take qualification decisions to nullify geographic and other environmental factors with potential to skew performance, the qualifying benchmark should not be expected to stay pegged exactly to 65%.