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NIBA Conference

NIBA Conference
  • Investment Conference (Linking Companies to Finance and Liquidity Sources)
  • The Westin New York Grand Central, New York

  • June 26-27, 2017
  • Investment, Networking
Key partners
Key partners

NIBA Conferences, focused on Investments and linking companies to Finance and Liquidity sources, are one-and-a-half day fast-paced intimate events, being organized at The Westin New York Grand Central, New York on June 26 and 27, 2017. These conferences provide private and public issuers a unique platform to present their individual stories to our vast network of Broker Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, Boutique Corp, Investment Bankers, Family Offices, and Private Equity Groups, irrespective of the size or industry. Finance and financing partners, Venture Capital groups, specialized investment brokerages, market makers, and market professionals are all experienced within the capital markets.




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