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Sustainable Investing turned the corner at Wall Street: A new survey by Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley

Sustainable Investing turned the corner at Wall Street: A new survey by Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley

Poll results: Sustainable investing is pursued by 65% of asset managers who participated in the poll with 64% voting for its further growth.

New York, USA- December 2, 2016: In a poll conducted by Bloomberg Limited Partner(L.P.) and Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing of various asset management professionals for their investment decisions- 65% of them (About two- thirds) voted for investing in sustainable portfolios. Through that, they seek to have the best of both the worlds- financial returns and social impact for the greater good. 64% of the professionals voted for its further growth down the line.

The report titled ‘The Asset Manager Perspective' signifies rise of sustainable investment. This surge is the result of a wide media coverage and rising investor demand. It has eventually given birth to a new segment of products from asset management firms specialized and catering to the sustainable investment portfolio and even mainstream ones. This report offers encyclopedic information on how sustainable investment has come of age from being a niche class of asset provisioning for well-heeled institutions and individuals to mainstream investors.

The Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing's CEO- Mr. Audrey Choi said, "Sustainable investment led by demands of investors both- the institutional and individual, for products that deliver to the needs of social and financial returns will continue to make inroads in the investment circles. However, with the growth of the market, it's high time asset owners and managers are empowered with useful insights and information to make them enabled to combine traditional investment practices with social, governance and environmental considerations."

Bloomberg L.P.'s Global Head of Sustainable Business and Finance- Mr. Curtis Ravenel said, "At Bloomberg, we notice a greater interest among asset managers of the approaches of sustainable investment. They are adopting differentiation of investment products and new analytical approaches. Both- the advantages for manager performance and client demand are responsible for this radical shift in the identification of opportunities in sustainability and management of ESG (Environment, social justice, and corporate governance) risk. This has resulted in transparent information which is actionable and enables informed decision-making process easier for managers and analysts.

New trends in sustainable investment

Of the 402 professionals of asset management firms of the USA, polled-

  • 64% voted for continued growth or adoption of sustainable investment
  • 89% voted for knowing sustainable investment
  • 62% voted for increased firm's commitment by way of evidence of financial performance of products of sustainable investment
  • 55% voted for lack of credible data for informed decision-making process
  • 51% voted for confidence in explanation to clients of non- monetary impacts of sustainable investment