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How to start your career as an investment banker

Feb 23, 2021 | Editorial Team
How to start your career as an investment banker

Investment banking is a division of financial institutions and banks that serves the banks, government sectors, and institutions for stocks, transactions, and mutual funds. In brief, it acts as a financial advisory to investors while investing in various entities.

Investment banking is a lucrative field that most of the finance graduates tend to gain a position in investment banking firms. The major attraction to this field is:

  • Earnings – at mid-levels you can earn a lot

  • Deals – an affinity toward high-stakes negotiations and deal makings

  • Connectivity –interactions with CEOs and board chairs

  • Exit opportunities – Analysts and Associates have a lot of exit opportunities

Earning an investment banking job in the best investment banks is challenging given the COVID-19 situation and demands of the banks and is a multi-step process. In this infographic, IBCA discusses in detail about the job profile of an investment banker, investment banking industry’s job functions, education requirement and skills, top investment banks, networking, and additional skills in the pandemic situation to ace a career in investment banking here. Take a look.


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