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What is Investment Banking Without Investment Bankers?

Jul 17, 2019| Article

A little cliché perhaps, but a pertinent question indeed in a world swept by blockchain and fintech and the trials and tribulations of cross-border wealth management that every single entity oh so desires but the big boys club keep the entire pie to themselves.

The millennials, however, are not to be bullied, or coerced. They’re bringing a new age of HFT, algorithms, analytics and data science for surgically precise investment decision making without the intervention of human fallacies of emotion or oversight. In fact, leading publication Forbes recently released its articles based on an analysis of the quora community, in which (surprise, actually, no,) most in-demand jobs on Wall Street now were in technology and data science. The competition is more than fierce and only the top layer of the cream are getting the job offers with salary packages they thought existed in other realms.


Investment Bankers. No they’re not dying. In fact they’re thriving in multiples and growing exponentially across the world in almost every market with an economy worth its salt. The talent crunch in world street is not really a skill gap, but a logistic problem, because the technical, analytical and business skills are available in abundance. Millions of qualified investment bankers are handling country specific operations offshore without breaking a sweat, and their competence is beyond questions. Armed with prestigious certifications that orient them more towards real world scenarios and current industry best practices over the outdated B-school curriculum, they are already a step ahead.

So go ahead, get on board now, before you miss out on the great 21st century banking globalization, boom. Due any time before 2021, if international economic think tanks are to be believed.