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Exam Development

IBCA exams are built by the industry, for the industry. We draw the content for the exams from a combination of industry-wide survey feedback and contributions from our team of volunteer subject matter experts. The result is a rigorous exam development process representing thousands of hours spent exceeding the knowledge standards the industry expects.

Listed below are some of the activities that must be considered in developing a high-stake exam and how IBCA addresses those considerations.

Subject matter experts (SMEs)

Subject matter experts are used in focus groups, item writing sessions and item review sessions. IBCA estimates that 5,000 subject matter expert hours are required to develop one exam.

Exam Technologists

A team of trained Exam Technologists assists the development, review, and maintenance of the Exam interface and delivery of a CIBP™ exam. This ensures that exam-taking is least encumbered or disrupted by technology factors, and examinees have a smooth exam-taking experience, without disturbances from breakdowns.

Exam Environment Designers

A team of specially trained experts design the standards of environment in which exams should be ideally taken or delivered. These professionals work closely with the Exam Security Experts to ensure the upkeep of the integrity of testing.

Exam Security Experts

A team of specially trained web technologists, ethical hackers and programmers constantly work on improving surveillance and proctoring standards using modern technology.

Exam Proctoring

A proctored exam involves a person who supervises students during the exam. Generally, a proctor authenticates the candidates' IDs, keeps track of time, and supervises the candidates to make sure they comply with the instructions and guidelines.